Fitness helps shield Suchita Varadkar from negativity

A life of fitness helped Suchita Varadkar and her daughter bounce back from setbacks.

Fitness has always been a part of Suchita Varadkar’s life. Even when times were grim, staying fit kept her thinking positive.

Currently a running coach, her journey began with a Yoga teachers training course and even included aerobics and kickboxing. “In some way or the other, I have related to fitness. I always made sure to keep changing the disciplines to keep things different,” says Suchita.

A healthy body leads to a healthy mind

Suchita is the founder and head coach of Frontrunners running group. Photo credit: Suchita Varadkar

It was during one of her toughest times that staying fit allowed her to recover. “There was a time when I was physically low and had gained weight because of a couple of miscarriages.”

Suchita decided to evolve her fitness regime and get back in shape. “I went in and started a different form of exercise. After giving birth, you have a lot of issues and gain weight. This time I took to trekking to get back in shape.”

In retrospect, Suchita understands the significance of that time. “This made me realise that when you struggle, no matter how much support you have from your loved ones, you struggle alone. It is the physical pain that only your body endures. Being physically fit doesn’t allow any kind of negativity to creep in.”

Like mother, like daughter

Now the founder and head coach of Frontrunners, Suchita trains a group of more than 50 people in Mumbai to run marathons. Her passion for fitness has even encouraged her daughter Shifra, who has joined her in this initiative. Both look forward to impacting people’s lives through a holistic approach to fitness that has passion at its core.

The mother-daughter pair are often confused for sisters. Photo credit: Suchita Varadkar

Fitness has played a significant role in daughter Shifra’s life as well. A dancer, she met with an accident that could have ended her career. The doctor advised her to go to the gym if she hoped to get back to dancing. “Initially, she didn’t really like it because she was quite young but eventually she got inspired. Today, she swims and is my gym buddy,” says Suchita.

Shifra and her mother are planning to add different dimensions to fitness. “We both want to add new avenues to our fitness plan. Like a fitness weekend, where we trek or spend time at the beach doing work-outs. Shifra’s interest and knowledge of nutrition will be a huge asset for us.”

“When people look at us, the fitness just emanates. It is the first thing that people notice. I have got a 21-year old daughter and get this a lot of time that we’re sisters. So, compliments like these make you feel good about yourself. It brings out the self-confidence.”

An initiative to keep inspiring

Suchita started off as a yoga instructor and is now a running coach. Photo credit: Suchita Varadkar

Suchita’s Frontrunners are a source of inspiration that keeps her going. “I have got a good set of people and they are all improving every single day. There is no monotony. We try to do various things like aerobics, agility training and beach work-outs.” Along the way, she has seen people with no fitness becoming fit enough to run half marathons, full marathons and triathlons.

“I keep telling people that if I can do it, you can too. You need the dedication towards it. It is not that I have never had off days but this is something I have persisted with. You need that persistence. That’s how I started with yoga and now I train people for half-marathons. People who have seen my journey, they know it is just hard work.”

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